Ring Die

Generally, timber pellet device can be identified right into ring die pellet equipment and also ring die pellet maker.

Ring die pellet mill has big quantity and also high capability. It appropriates for manufacturing facility use as well as large-scale manufacturing. Apartment die pellet mill is tiny as well as mobile. It has lower capability, suitable for home use as well as small manufacturing. The rate of level die pellet mill is a lot less than ring die pellet mill

Ring Die

Framework of level die pellet mill.

From top to bottom, a ring die pellet mill is made up of a feed receptacle, a top cupboard, a discharge outlet, a pin box, gear box, a transmission shaft, a electric control cabinet, an electric motor, a engine base, as well as 4 wheels, etc.

The electric motor can be changed by a diesel motor, gasoline engine, or a PTO port.

The core parts: roller and also level die

The pelletizing component of the flat die pellet machine is a press roller and a ring die. They are mounted in the top closet. There are 2-4 rollers mounted on the 2 ends of the roller shaft. The rollers have grooves on the surface area. The roller and also flat die is made from remarkable alloy steel, whose firmness is 55-60 HRC.

There are numerous holes on the flat die, whose size is from 2.5 mm to 10mm, as well as 6mm, 8mm and 10mm are one of the most typical kinds. They recognize the best compression ratio with a great deal of experiments, appropriate for greater than 30 kinds of materials.

The clearance in between the roller as well as flat die is 0.1-0.3 mm. This is where the raw product layer forms. There are 2 changing nuts on the side of the pellet mill, you can change the clearance to adjust to various materials.

How does a ring die pellet device bought from https://www.china-pelletmachine.com work?

When you feed resources right into the pellet device through the receptacle, they drop on the ring die as well as topped it under the feature of roller.

When you start the pellet machine, the electric motor runs as well as bring along the primary shaft with the gearbox. The press roller is mounted on the primary shaft, so it rotates around the main shaft. At the same time, the rollers turn around the roller shaft.

Ring Die

The turning press forms strong pressure and press the raw materials right into the openings on the level die. The raw materials obtain molded in these holes. When they are squeezed out, they become strong cyndrical tubes. On the other hand, the solid rubbing between roller as well as die heat up the raw materials to over 80 ° C, where the lignin and also fibers get soft. They boost the glue force of products.

The size of the pellets is established by the opening dimension of the ring die, while the length is established by the slicer under the flat die. When the biomass pellets appear in the form of cyndrical tubes, the slicer under the level die cut them right into specific length. You can readjust the position of slicer to alter the length.

After being cut by the slicers, the pellets fall down on the pellet-throwing tray. Under the feature of centrifugal pressure, the pellets are sent though the discharge electrical outlet.

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